Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Summer 2 - Journeys





Journeys began with the creation story ‘How the Tiger got its stripes’. We had a lovely art BIG BANG where we looked at African patterns and created colourful pictures of African animals.


In English we enjoyed reading ‘How the Zebra got its stripes’ and planned and wrote our own versions. We produced some lovely stories, for example, ‘How the leopard got its spots’ and ‘How the giraffe got its long neck’. We really showcased all of the skills we have learnt this year, trying especially hard to include grammar and ambitious word choices to excite our readers.  We enjoyed sharing some of these in our weekly Celebration Assembly to parents.  


In History, we learnt about Neil Armstrong’s and Christopher Columbus’ incredible journeys. We discussed how it was a massive team effort to get Neil Armstrong on the moon and thought about the fact he is celebrated as the main significant person. We had the opportunity to taste food that Christopher Columbus encountered in some of the countries he travelled through.  


In science we worked scientifically to create our own journeys. We began by re-creating Neil Armstrong’s landing back to earth. We used our knowledge of materials to create a protective case for our egg to see if it would survive a drop. Our next journeys involved balloons to power boats across water and straws to power rockets into the air.

Finally, we made paper helicopters and observed what happened when we added weight (paper clips). To end our unit, we evaluated our paper helicopter results and wrote up our investigation.