Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Spring 2 - Where Does My Food Come From?

To start our topic, we were able to try different types of chocolate. Each chocolate bar had a different amount of cocoa in it plus some other flavours. Some tasted really nice and others were not so appetising! We also discussed fairtrade and what this means. 


In Geography, we learnt about how items are imported and exported around the world. We discovered why the UK imports products, as well as what the UK exports and where.


In English, we looked at "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". We created a new chapter of the book based on our own fantastical rooms.


In science, we looked at states of matter, including what happens when we heat or cool water. This then fed into the water cycle. 


In D&T, we designed and made our own wooden bird feeders.