Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Spring 2 - The Farm

Look inside a Farm

We started our topic by talking about all the different animals we might find on a farm and discussing some facts that we already know. 



We looked at the book 'Look inside a Farm' and learnt some new facts about farms ready for our class trip to Standalone Farm. We also came up with some questions that we might like to ask the farmers or staff who look after the animals.

Tractor Visit

For our BIG BANG, we were visited by a big green tractor from one of the local farms. The children got the opportunity to sit in the tractor and beep the very loud horn! We spoke about why a tractor is different to a car and went on to label the different parts of a tractor in our literacy lessons. 

Standalone Farm

For our class trip Honeypot went to Standalone Farm in Letchworth. We started our day by exploring the farm and meeting many of the wonderful animals. The donkeys were one of our favourites as they were so noisy!  When we got to see the cows, there were a couple of calves and the children were very surprised out how small they were.  The mummy and daddy cows looks so much bigger.   

 We were very lucky and got the chance to feed the lambs; the milk was warm and we had to be very careful to not spill the bottle as they were very hungry!  We also got to milk a pretend cow, feed the goats and brush a pony. We completed our trip by playing in the activity areas, riding on the tractors and watching the trains go by on the miniature train track.

Growing Radishes

We have been learning about how food crops grow on different farms. We spoke about what we need to do to ensure food crops can grow well. To see this in real-life action, we planted our own radish seeds in our nature garden. Each day, we watered them carefully and enjoyed watching their leaves sprout from the soil.  We loved seeing them fully grown and used these, alongside some other grown salad items, to give to Mrs Brooks to use during one lunchtime.