Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Summer 2 - Ancient Greece

As part of our BIG BANG, the children helped to make an 3D display based on the story “Pandora’s box”. Children created different fears using a range of art materials to create a bright and colourful display.


During the topic, the children learnt about a new Ancient Greek myth each week as part of their whole class reading session and English session. The children then wrote their own Greek Myth “Hercules 13th Task” based on the Greek myth “Hercules and the 12 Labors” As part of their Art lessons, the children made detailed and intricate clay pots based on the traditional pots made during Ancient Greek times.


To end the topic, the children took part in an Ancient Greek day. The children came into school in Greek-inspired costumes, learnt about what life was like for children in Ancient Greece, tried Greek food and took part in an Ancient Greek Olympics. It lots of fun!