Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Our Curriculum

We are a small nurturing school; inspiring children for a lifetime love of learning through an exciting creative curriculum.


Curriculum Intent

Our highly participative creative curriculum is designed to inspire enthusiasm for learning, allow all children to thrive and support positive mental health and wellbeing.


Our motto of ‘Bringing Learning to Life’ is evident across all subjects with pupils gaining real life learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom.  Our cross curricular design allows children to make meaningful links between subjects and our growth mindset ethos develops interpersonal skills and builds resilience. Therfield is a real ‘I can do’ school.


Our children are inspired to be curious, ask questions and are motivated to find out the answers. We support our children to be as independent as possible, as early as possible, and never do anything for them that we cannot support them to do for themselves. Our children feel important and empowered; everyone is seen, heard and valued.


Our curriculum has been designed and sequenced to recognise prior learning, progressively building on the skills and knowledge to equip them for their next stages. Regular use of our outside spaces, weekly forest school, mindfulness, enrichment visits and visitors coming into school, allows our children to connect learning to the real world and develop positive attitudes for learning and for life. This is supported by our core values of Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe.


We celebrate our own special school identity through the unique and personalised experiences that our curriculum and environment provides. Our small size allows us to build strong relationships, celebrate diversity and encourages respect. It also allows us to regularly come together as a whole; giving us a strong sense of community, belonging and connectedness.


Community involvement is an integral part of our curriculum, where we strive to make a positive contribution to the local and wider community; improving the wellbeing of ourselves and others. Events such as the annual Harvest Gift-of-Giving project, monthly GAP (Generations at Play) sessions, singing at the local nursing home and village litter picking, allow our children to recognise the positive difference that they can make.


Children will leave Therfield First School with treasured memories, shared experiences and the knowledge and confidence to embrace their next challenges and beyond.