Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Summer 2 - Discoveries old and new

The Big Bang!

This morning, we were shocked to discover that something had crash landed in our playground! We were given permission to examine the scene, provided that we stayed behind the police tape. What looked like a small UFO with windows and lights lay destroyed amongst the branches. One of its rings had completely broken off. The small yellow footprints of a creature covered the site, along with unusual yellow fluff. Mrs Oram put on her protective clothing to remove some key evidence for further examination. After much excitement and discussions about what it might be, we decided to send our fantastic observations and questions to the Science Museum in the hope that they could help us.

They responded quickly to let us know that it was indeed a UFO belonging to a friendly alien called Beegu. She is lost and a long way from home. Over the next few weeks, we will be finding out more about her and using this as a stimulus for our writing. Please also keep an eye out for her; she has long rabbity ears, three eyes and glows yellow when she feels happy. It is very safe to approach her.




Narrative – to entertain

The children began by generating questions about their new discovery. They wrote a letter, used comprehension skills to answer some questions and sequenced the story. In order to understand the characters feelings thoroughly, the children hot seated and translated a diary entry. They explored the language used and how they could infer meaning from her body language. The children used this to write a feelings poem.

The children made their own main character and described it using adjectives and expanded noun phrases. They used a box grid to plan and write their own version of the story using their taught grammar skills.


History comparison

The children used the knowledge from their History lessons to write short bursts, comparing Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. They used the skills they have learnt throughout the year to create a comparison.


The children continued their unit on time. They used language to order events and began writing the time. Year 2 converted days into hours and hours into minutes, moving on to find and compare duration of time.

The children used standard and non- standard units to measure mass and capacity, year 2 were introduced to grams and kilograms. They made their own kilogram weight they used to estimate the weight of objects. Year 2 also described and estimated volume, choosing efficient measurements for volumes of litres and millilitres.

History – Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I

The children began by learning about monarchs and some significant Kings and Queens. They looked at and created a chronological timeline. The children thought about what makes a good monarch.

The children then learnt in detail about Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. They found out about their families, how they came to the throne and important events that happened during their reign. The children created their own family trees, thinking about who would ne next in line to the throne in their own families - before and after the rule change in regards to gender.