Therfield First School

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Honeypot Class (EYFS)


In Honeypot class, we have 2 PE sessions per week with a focus of developing the childrens gross and fine motor skills, their hand-eye coordination, throwing, catching and kicking skills as well as their balance. 

The children use the inside and outside spaces regularly with opportunities to develop their core strength and climbing skills whilst using the outside choosing areas. 

In Reception, it is really important for the children to develop and strengthen the their fingers, hands and arm muscles to enable a comfortable and fluent handwriting style. During choosing times, the children have opportunities to engage in 'Funky Fingers' activities where they access different activities to support the development of their fine motor skills. 


PE Unit Summaries:


In this topic children will learn how to become a certain character in a dance, copying movements visually from interactive videos or their peers.


In this topic children will learn basic skills such as rolling, balancing, climbing, jumping, and how exploring how to use gymnastics apparatus.


In this topic children will learn how to move in different ways including walking, running, sidestepping, jumping, stepping. They will learn to play safely with others.

Moving a ball with feet and equipment
In this topic children will learn to control the ball, keeping it close to their feet and turning, They will also be introduced to a ‘Uni-Hoc’ stick and start to familiarise themselves with this piece of equipment and use it to travel with the ball and aim to targets.

Ball skills
In this topic children will explore a variety of balls of different sizes and textures. Bouncing, catching, rolling, and moving with the ball in hand are just some of the skills covered in the topic.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activity
In this topic children will learn to work together to solve problems, scavenger hunt and learn how to play safely outdoors.


Throwing and catching
In this topic children will learn the correct amount of power to use when throwing to a target. They will work with a variety of balls and bean bag equipment to be able to develop the skills.

Racket skills
In this topic children will use rackets to flip and catch bean bags before moving onto striking stationary and moving balls.

Fun and games
In this topic children will learn how to move into space when playing chasing games, play games with others and create games with partners or groups.