Therfield First School

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Rooks Nest Class (KS2)

Science in Lower Key Stage One

In Rooks Nest, we have 2 hours of science each week.  We are also extremely lucky to have weekly forest school lessons which link to our science topics whenever possible, for example, when looking at soils and rocks.  We also look at discrete aspects of 'fieldwork science' during these sessions. 



As part of our Cave Folk topic, we look at the different types of rocks, how they are made and how they are changed by weather or pressure.  We test rocks using a range of experiments to find out whether they are sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous. We also look at how fossils are made and research Mary Anning, who was the first female palaeontologist.


As part of our Robots topic, we look at Electricity.  We learn about how electricity is made and how it moves.  We also look at how it has changed the world and how we use it everyday.  We conduct different experiments to make simple and complex circuits using a range of components.  We then use our knowledge of circuits to create a battery powered lamp as part of our DT project.

Rocks/States of matter

As part of our Active Planet topic, we recap on rocks when looking at how Earthquakes and Volcanoes occur.  We also look at the Water cycle in detail and create our own water cycle in plastic bags showing evaporation, condensation and precipitation.  We even learn a highly-catchy song to help us remember the cycle!

States of Matter

As part of our Chocolate topic, we look at the various states of matter.  We look at reversible and irreversible changes using chocolate and water.  We also conduct an  experiment to see how we could slow down or speed up an ice cube melting.

Forces and Magnets

As part of our Need for Speed topic, we look at different forces and magnets.  We look at how forces are used in different modes of transport e.g. flying a plane. We also look at different types of magnets, what they are used for and how they help us in everyday life.


As a solo science topic, we look at how light is created naturally and manmade and how it reflects off surfaces.  We also look at the danger of light from the sun and have fun making shadows.  At the end of the topic, we take part in a whole day experiment by creating a sun dial and recording the time each hour.