Therfield First School

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Honeypot Class (EYFS)

Geography in EYFS

In Honeypot Class, we learn about geography throughout our weekly 'topic' lessons, Forest School and during child initiated choosing times. We have a geography focus during the following topics: All About Me, Going Places, Minibeasts and On the Farm. Honeypot children also have regular opportunities to plant, observe and harvest fruits, vegetables and plants in their own Nature Garden.  Each year, all classes take part in an exciting orienteering workshop, led by a specialist, using the school grounds and personalised maps and plans.  

All About Me:

In this topic, children learn about their familiar surroundings, including where they live and their local area. We also have a large focus on the children's senses, linking to the seasons. This is revisited every term so the children are able to make comparisons about the previous seasons.  We have a central display in the classroom that is changed to align with each season that the children have observed.  


Going Places:

In this topic, children are introduced to maps, including BeeBots and their local area. We also begin to talk about the different countries that they have been to on holiday, talking about their similarities and differences. 



During this topic, children make comparisons about the different habitats and environments that different minibeasts live in. We discuss why different animals and insects may prefer different habitats and how to make sure we can look after our environment effectively for the other living things that we share our planet with. 

On the Farm:

Honeypot Class focus on reading a map in this topic as the we get the chance to go to Standalone Farm. The children look at the different areas of the farm using the map before visiting and label the different areas. 

Our geography topics are bought to life through carefully planned lessons that encourage children to get to know the world they are living in. Children become excited to find out more and often go home enthusiastic about their learning, wanting to know more!  Lessons take place in the real life setting wherever possible.