Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Spring 1 - Active Planet

BIG BANG - Classroom Earthquake

To start our topic off with a BANG, we came into school to discover that there had been an earthquake in the classroom. We worked in two groups to rescue the bears from under the classroom wreckage. Once we had completed our rescue missions, we brought the bears into the hall, which we then had to set up as an emergency rescue centre.  Each child took on crucial roles including Drs and Nurses to administer medical treatments and journalists to provide 'live' updates during press releases.  Luckily, we rescued all the bears safely and were able to reunite them with their family members once again.  Phew!


Learning in Class

As part of our Active Planet topic, we learnt about all the different types of natural disasters, for example earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes.  In English, we wrote an explanation text about the different types of Volcanoes and how they erupt.


At part of our art project, we made tie dye t-shirts based on a natural disaster. In our lessons, we learnt how to make different patterns on material.  We then designed and created our own t-shirt.  It was very messy when we used the different coloured dyes. At the end of the project, we took part in a fashion show on the playground, modelling our tie dye t-shirts to raise money for the Red Cross.