Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Duckpuddle Class (KS1)

Geography in Key Stage 1 

In Duckpuddle, we learn about the following geography topics:

  • Maps, Direction and Compass Skills
  • Comparative Study: London and Nairobi
  • The World's 7 Continents and 5 Oceans 
  • The United Kingdom
  • Therfield, Royston and Cambridgeshire (village/town/county)
  • Hot and Cold areas of the World


Geography topics are bought to life through carefully planned lessons that encourage children to get to know the world they are living in. Children become excited to find out more and often go home enthusiastic about their learning, wanting to know more! 


Geography-led topics, usually have a geography-inspired BIG BANG to launch the half term's learning.  Enrichment sessions and class visits are planned to help Bring Learning to Life and lessons take place in the real life setting wherever possible.  


Each year, all classes take part in an exciting orienteering workshop, led by a specialist, using the school grounds and personalised maps and plans.