Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Rooks Nest Class (KS2)

Art in Rooks Nest

In Rooks Nest Class, we complete four Art projects each year. Where possible they are linked to our class topic or key events in the school year. Our work is often inspired by the famous artist we study. During lessons we are encouraged to think creatively and share our own ideas, experiences and imagination through our work.  


Here are some of the art projects that we have completed this year.



In our Cave Folk topic, we looked at how cave people used drawings to retell stories and events during their lives.  We recreated our own Stone Age pictures using charcoal and chalk.


As part of our Active Planet topic, we looked at manipulating material to make different tie dye patterns.  It was lots of fun and we loved designing and making the t-shirts because it was very creative and messy!  At the end of the project, we modelled  our t-shirts by holding a fashion show to the rest of the school and the parents.  We asked for donations to watch to the fashion show and gave the money to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, who help people in need during natural disasters.

Learning about Great European Artists, Architects and Designers in History

During this topic, we looked at a range of European artists, architects and designers as an independent art project. We looked at different pieces of work from Anselm Kiefer, Le Corbusier, Coco Chanel and Salvador Dali. We studied the different ways they created their pieces of work, the colours that they used and the how the final piece of work impacted the world.  We particularly enjoyed making hats like Coco Chanel.

Ancient Greece - Pottery and Class Display

As part of our Ancient Greek topic, we looked at how the pictures painted on Greek pots helped us to understand what life was like in Ancient Greece.  We looked at a variety of pots which showed events, daily life or just interesting patterns.  Using clay, we used a range of tools and techniques to make our own Greek pot and decorated it in the style of the ones that we had been looking at.  We proudly displayed our pots in the classroom for all to see.


We also created a class display based on the Greek myth, Pandora's Box.