Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Autumn 2 - Toys

The Big Bang!

There was much excitement on the morning of our ‘Big Bang’, when the children were invited to bring their favourite toy to school! In groups, we played with and explored each toy, discussing their names, what we liked most about them, where they had come from and the materials they were made from before presenting this information to the class. Then, during the afternoon the children took part in an exciting, ‘hands on’ toy workshop run by Caz from the Hitchin Museum. They explored a variety of different types of toys from the past and learned about the time period they were from, as well as the forces and mechanisms that made them work. It was a real pleasure to observe how well the children shared the toys and worked and played together. Finally, we all sat down to reflect on the day and enjoyed a little toy tea party with our friends! We will continue to build on the things we have learned during our History and DT lessons this half term.