Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”


Modern Foreign Languages (French) Intent Statement

At Therfield First School we value the role of learning an additional language (French) as an introduction to developing their awareness of other countries and cultures. We recognise how this can give pupils the skills to participate in a multi-lingual society. Our introduction to French will foster our pupils’ curiosity and confidence and lay the foundations for further learning.


The Modern Foreign Languages (French) Curriculum

Statutory requirements for the teaching and learning of a Modern Foreign Language are set out in the National Curriculum Languages programme of study, for pupils in key stage 2 and above.


Key Areas within the Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum:

· Listening and Speaking/Oracy

· Reading and Writing/Literacy

· Stories, Songs, Poems and Rhymes

· Grammar


How French is Taught at Therfield First School

French is taught weekly to all pupils within our lower key stage 2 class. Lessons follow a sequential programme to enable pupils to build on prior knowledge and skills. Wherever possible, links will be made to the class topic and real-life themes/events.


Bright and engaging French classroom displays will showcase the half termly theme. Cross-curricular links will be made, particularly with English, Art and Geography. Regular themed days feature within the academic year, which may include a cross curricular link with French.


Our aim is to provide a first foundation, particularly in speech, to enable our pupils to develop their written language skills as they progress throughout key stage 2. This will then prepare them for further foreign language teaching at key stage 3.