Therfield First School

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Honeypot Class (EYFS)

Science in EYFS

In Honeypot Class, we learn about science throughout our weekly 'topic' lessons, Forest School and during child-initiated choosing times.  Science is covered within the EYFS through 'Understanding the World' and 'Physical Education'.  Within the year, the topics that have a more science focus are: All About Me, Going Places, The Farm and Minibeasts. 


All About Me:

In this topic, children learn about their body. They begin to understand their senses by going on a listening walk around the school, they use simple terms to describe the different parts of the body and to talk about how to keep their body healthy; which includes a week of brushing their teeth. 


During this topic, the class role play area is a Doctors Surgery/Hospital.  Here the children are able to use their own knowledge to develop their understanding even further through their own interests and play. 


Going Places:

In this topic, the children work hard in Design and Technology to make boats. We use these boats to discuss and observe floating and sinking. From this, the children can experiment with other objects around them to see if they float or sink. 

The Farm:

In this topic, children begin to understand life cycles. We have a class trip to Standalone Farm where we are able to observe lambs and their mothers together as well as feed some lambs. Making links to what our bodies need to grow big and healthy. 

Standalone Farm


In this topic, children build upon their knowledge of life cycles and begin to understand different terminology such as metamorphosis when explaining the life cycle of a caterpillar. We discuss habitats by going on a minibeast hunt and afterwards we talk about why different minibeasts prefer the different spaces to live. The children go on to create their own minibeast habitat.

At the beginning of each term, we recap the seasons similar to the first topic. We go on a listening walk around the school and discuss the changes over time and how our world has changed with the seasons.  Back in class, we change our central display to reflect the current season and our observations.