Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Rooks Nest Class (KS2)

Pre-school Sports day

Every year, the children in Rooks Nest organise the sports day for Therfield Preschool. The children work in pairs to plan, design and run a sporting event.  Rooks Nest children love the responsibility of running their own event and it allows new Reception children to meet the older children from the school and to become familiar with the school site.  It is so much fun for everyone.

Preschool Sports Day

Sports Partnership Commonwealth Games

In July, Rooks Nest were asked to take part in a local sporting event with 8 other local schools.  The children picked an event that they had never done before or wanted to try. The children had lots of fun in their different events and the dancers performed a show at the end to a large audience.  Rooks Nest had a brilliant time.  A big thank you to the North Herts Sports Partnership for organising an amazing event.