Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Rooks Nest Class (KS2)

PE Unit Summaries


In dance, children will explore and create characters that apply to the dance topic or song. Once they have learnt some basic skills with fluency, they will have the opportunity to put together a routine on their own or in a group.


In gymnastics, children will start with sequences and linking skills to allow the children to understand and explore gymnastics skills they are able to perform. As the topic progresses children will practice the basic shapes; star, tuck, straddle, pike, straight, and supports. They will learn how to move their body fluently when performing skills. Balance, taking off, flight and landing will be improved by using apparatus.


In athletics, children will run for speed, jump for distance and work as a team in relay races.  A lot of the focus of the topic will have the children recognising good performances and how to improve themselves and others.


In football, children will improve skills learnt from previous years including dribbling, ball control, passing and shooting. They start to use simple tactics and can explain why they use certain tactics as well as learning to evaluate their own success.

Tag Rugby
In rugby, children will learn how to pass and catch on the move, as well as using different skills to beat a defender when running with the ball. Teamwork will be a big focus, learning how to defend and attack well when in a game. By the end of the topic children should understand all the rules of a Tag Rugby game.

In basketball, children will learn how to bounce the ball correctly when travelling and use a variety of passing techniques, such as chest and bounce pass. They will start to develop a good shooting technique. Towards the end of the topic, they will practice finding space and using tactics when playing a match.

In uni-hoc, children will improve on their ball control (using both sides of the stick), dribbling at speed, passing accuracy, shooting against a goalkeeper and decision making under pressure during games.

In tennis, children will learn and improve the forehand shot, rally with a partner and underarm serve. During matches they will use a variety of shots, hitting the ball at different heights and spaces to beat an opponent. They will start to create their own warm up routines at the start of each session.

In cricket, children will improve on their catching technique using orthodox and reverse techniques as well as improving throwing accuracy. They will learn how to bowl overarm, keeping the arm straight and bowling accurately. When batting they will hit a stationary ball, looking to find spaces and then progress onto hitting a moving ball when playing matches.


Pre-School Sports day

Every year, the children in Rooks Nest class organise the sports day for Therfield Pre-school. The children work in pairs to plan, design and run a sporting event.  Rooks Nest children love the responsibility of running their own event and it allows the young children to meet the older children and become familiar with the school site before joining us in the following September.  It is so much fun for everyone.

Pre-school Sports Day


Sports Partnership Commonwealth Games

Each year, Rooks Nest children take part in a local sporting event with children from the other local schools.  The children choose an event that they have never done before or would to try. The children have lots of fun in their different events, often being able to perform back to the large audience at the end.