Therfield First School

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Spring 1 - Fire! Fire!


Fire! Fire!

Every member of Duckpuddle class were so excited to begin this topic, adults included! We began by creating the view through Samuel Pepys window and finding out as much as we could about The Great Fire of London. Throughout our topic we tasted some parmesan, similar to the cheese Samuel Pepys buried in his garden to keep it safe, as well as baking our own 17th Century Bread!


In science we investigated which materials would make a good bucket to use during the Fire of London. We caried out simple tests to see if paper, plastic and fabric would be suitable materials. We got very wet trying to transport water in a fabric bucket!


We also had an art day created Pudding Lane and famous landmarks that were affected by the fire.  We created a fire line and tried to put out a few of the houses that were alight!  Royston Fire Brigade also paid us visit and helped us learn all about fire safety.