Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”

Duckpuddle Class (KS1)

PE Unit Summaries:


In dance, children will start to develop short sequences and remember these. They will be able to match and mirror another person performing basic actions. Towards the end of the topic children will put together a performance, following a specific topic.


In gymnastics, children will learn basic shapes such as start, tuck, and straight shapes. They will perform basic rolls and learn how to travel at different heights. Children will also learn how to point balance by using different body parts such as hands, knees, back, head etc.


In athletics, children will start to understand how to move the body for speed, jump in a variety of ways including hopping, stepping and two footed jumps. 


In football, children will start to learn and understand the basic skills of football including dribbling, ball control, turning, sending/passing.

Tag Rugby
In tag rugby, children will learn basic passing and catching skills with a partner. They will learn to carry the ball in two hands and run into space. Basic tagging skills will be taught in modified games.

In basketball, children will learn how to bounce the ball correctly when travelling, using one or two hands, and bouncing it up and down repeatedly. They will learn and understand the basic of keeping their eye on the ball, moving hands closer when stopping or catching the ball.

In this topic children will learn the correct amount of power to use when throwing to a target. Underarm throwing technique will be used for most of the topic to allow for greater accuracy. They will learn how to cooperate and work with a partner.


In uni-hoc, children will learn to move a ball using both sides of the stick to change directions. They will learn how to use the hockey stick safely and to work with others.

In tennis, children will learn how to swing a racket and aim in different directions and start to understand and play modified tennis games.

In cricket, children will learn to get in line with the ball when collecting and stopping. They will develop and improve their underarm throw and catching skills.


Football Workshop

Duckpuddle were very excited to recently take part in football workshop with Simone from Royston Football Club. Within the workshop, the children practised football skills such as passing, dribbling and traveling with the ball. At the end of the workshop, the children had a series of matches to put all their new skills learnt into practise. The children had a very muddy but fun day.!

Football workshop