Therfield First School

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Spring 1 - Going Places

The Naughty Bus

We started our topic of 'Going Places' by introducing the class story of 'The Naughty Bus'. This introduction coincided with our BIG BANG! We came into our classroom on Monday to a big mess of beans, blocks and toothpaste! We had to read the story to find out who had done this!!  It was such fun playing with the Naughty Bus in the classroom and zooming around in the beans, pond and toothpaste. 


We became experts at reading the story and after a little while, we were able to read it fluently. We labelled pictures of buses, acted out the story using our own naughty bus and created a bus collage using different materials. 

Whatever Next!


We continued our learning journey by reading the story 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy.



Honeypot Class loved this story so much they made their own rocket from the construction straws. We worked as a team to become 'builders', 'astronauts' and 'controllers', all helping each other. The children used the classroom to help them label 'Honeypot Rocket'.