Therfield First School

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Honeypot Class (EYFS)

History in EYFS

In Honeypot Class, we learn about history through our weekly 'topic' lessons and during child-initiated choosing times. We have a specific history focus during our topics; All About Me and Festivals and Celebrations. However, the children also have opportunities to learn about historical events and people during special interest days.  These might be Honeypot Class specific or whole school events, i.e. our annual focus on Remembrance Day or more recently our many celebrations to mark the Queen's Jubilee.  


All About Me

In this topic, children learn about their family history, including their family tree; allowing the children to make sense of their own life-story and their family's history.  They begin to compare and comment on familiar situations that may have happened in the past. 


Festivals and Celebrations

In this topic, children love learning about Guy Fawkes linked to Fireworks night. We also discuss Christmas in the past and how it is different to the children's Christmas today.