Therfield First School

“Bringing Learning to Life”



History Intent Statement


At Therfield First School, we believe that high quality history lessons inspire pupils’ curiosity. The schools own rich history, within the contexts of the local area, is a celebrated and inspiring feature of our curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments and develop their own opinions and judgements.


Through a creative, multi-sensory curriculum, lessons are designed to bring history to life, immersing pupils in well thought out learning experiences. We believe that history lessons at Therfield First School allow pupils to understand the significance of the past and how it relates to our evolving future.

From Honey Pot, to Duck Puddle, and finally Rooks Nest, we endeavour to use a creative, multi-sensory curriculum. Our lessons are designed to bring history to life, immersing pupils in well thought out learning experiences. Children explore six key historical skills throughout their time at Therfield: 


  • Historical Interpretation
  • Historical Investigation
  • Chronological Understanding
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Events
  • People and Changes in the Past
  • Presenting, Organising and Communicating


In Honey Pot class, children begin their historical understanding by thinking about themselves and their families and what they have experienced in their lives, for example sorting old and new cars during their topic on moving things, and have the opportunity to compare in real life an old and new tractor in their On the Farm topic. They also learn about the story of Guy Fawkes around bonfire night and join in with the whole school for Remembrance Day. Our youngest historians begin to make more links to the past through the stories and books they share in class.


Duck Puddle class begin to learn about history more formally as a discrete subject. These themes are taught across a half term and allow children to learn about the context of the history as well as their historical skills, such as questioning, using artefacts and researching. Some of their learning is continued from Honey Pot, when thinking of history within living memory. This year, the children have been exploring Toys, Past and Present; Kings and Queens; and The History of Our Local Area. Their learning continues to be creative and inspiring, including a visit to Mountfitchet castle and an afternoon tea dressed as knights, princes and princesses!


In Rooks Nest, children develop their knowledge and understanding of history and chronology further, with children exploring topics such as Henry VIII, Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. They begin to make links between similar historical periods, such as Rome and Egypt, considering what was similar and different between the two. The school motto of “Bringing Learning to Life” continues to flourish in our lower key stage 2 class, with visits from local museums bringing artefacts to explore, as well as investigating Ancient Egyptian tombs created from tables and large sheets!