Our school meals are provided by Hertfordshire Catering Ltd who have a healthy food policy as part of their tender. This includes the use of fresh fruit and vegetables each day as a choice for the children.

The children have a choice of meals each day and they make their selection at morning registration. Menus are sent home to parents twice a year so they can discuss with their children what they are going to choose to eat.

All children from Reception to Year 2 now receive UFSM (Universal Free School Meals) as part of the government initiative. Children in year 3 and 4 pay for school meals (unless you are in receipt of free school meals) and the cost is currently £2.60 per day.

Are you eligible for free school meals - if you are in receipt of certain benefits your child may be entitled to free school meals. Even if your child is having UFSM it is important that you make an application as the school receives additional funding for eligible children.

You can check if you qualify and register online at

You can also register if your child is in year 3 and 4. This way you can check if you are entitled to free school means and, again, this will ensure that the school does not miss out on any additional funding

If your child has a food allergy, ie. to nuts, it is important that you let us know so that the information can be passed on to Mrs Brooks and Hertfordshire Catering. In these cases it may be necessary for you to meet with a representative from Hertfordshire Catering to discuss your child’s allergy.

Infant children (Reception to year 2) receive fresh fruit or raw vegetables as a mid morning snack which is provided free of charge.

Milk is available for all children and needs to be ordered via the office. This is free for children up until the term they are 5 and is then payable termly.

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