In Foundation Stage teachers plan activities that cover the objectives in the Maths section of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. In Key Stage 1 and 2, teachers use the National Curriculum for Mathematics and the Herts for Learning materials as the basis of their planning and teaching, and devise weekly plans that cover the objectives within the units for their year group. Weekly plans include objectives for the mental/oral section of the lesson and related activities for this session, objectives for the main teaching, differentiated activities and plenary.

All lessons begin with a Mental Fluency session, leading to the lesson introduction based on the core focus of the lesson. Children are encouraged to self-assess where they think they are working at in a given maths lesson and to choose the appropriate challenge activity for them to complete (Warm, Hot, Scorching or Volcanic). Teachers will also guide children to the activity that they would like them to try if they feel that children are not challenging themselves sufficiently. Children are swiftly moved on to further challenges when it is clear that they have mastered the prior learning.

Core skills

We place great emphasis on ensuring children are equipped with the core maths skills necessary for sustained (and accelerated) progression throughout the year groups and key stages. We have devised a list on ‘non-negotiables’ for each year group which teachers focus on. Times tables and number bonds are practiced daily.

Marking is linked to the lesson success criteria (green highlighted) with developmental next step challenges (pink highlighting). Children have the opportunity to reflect on their prior learning first thing in the morning during learning reflection time. Early morning maths work is also set for the first 10 minutes of the school day.