Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Design and Technology fits naturally into our creative curriculum and is an approach to learning which is already familiar. Design and Technology is a practical curriculum area that involves every child in meaningful activities, which allow pupils to design and to make. Children are encouraged to develop skills and knowledge of a wide range of materials and equipment through practical activities in a safe and controlled environment.

Pupils will undertake two comprehensive Design and Technology projects each year (each lasting for a half term). These will be directly linked to half termly classroom topics. Four Design and Technology topics will be covered during each 2-year rolling program. The curriculum will be implemented by incorporating the four main areas of learning as outlined in the revised National Curriculum:

1. Design

2. Make

3. Evaluate

4. Technical Knowledge

All class DT projects will follow the teaching outline below:

Observe, Disassemble and Analyse

Practice Skills and Techniques

Planning and Designing


Use and Evaluate